Des nouvelles du bureau de Kay

Registrations to attend Rotiwennakéhte Ionterihawienhstáhkhwa or Ratihén:te High School are with the school secretaries.

If you have any questions, email Kay Gaspé at the
Kanehsatake Education Center
or telephone: 450.479.8358 ext. 225

Letter from Kanehsatà:ke Tsi Ionthiatonhseraweienhstéhkhwa, Kanehsatake Education Center

July 28th, 2014
Re: Application for funding assistance
Dear Parent/Guardian:

Due to funding restrictions our Student Services Policy has undergone some necessary changes. We have tried to minimize the impact of this financial concern. Enclosed is the final version of the Application for funding assistance.

For more information please contact Kay Gaspé at the KEC 450-479-8358 *225 or e-mail

Scott Traylen, Directeur d'Education Kanehsatake Education Center au 450-479-6395 *402 ou par courriel: